ABOUT KIMT(College of Professional & Tradtional Institute)

1. We're not an ancient' Institution and wouldn't want to be. What excites us is to provide quality teaching and research that makes a difference to the world-today and tomorrow.
2. Across all our departments, we have a reputation for' being pragmatic by equipping and orienting you with the practical approach to face emerging, challenges. Our Courses are geared towards delivering genuine practical value and our close links with business provide brilliant opportunities for you to your careers take off with a great start. We think globally but act locally
3. Our priority is to help you develop the skills that employers truly love.Whichever course you choose to study, these skills will include information, management,problem-solving,communication and teamwork.These are the skills that will give you a genuine edge in your future career.It's this focus that sets us apart from many other institutions
4. KIMT is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Institution. We have mutual recognition, validation and international partnerships with reputed organizations like Microsoft, Certiport Inc, Cyberlearning India, Tally Champs and Shobhit University
5. We believes that one good move makes all the difference. As and initiative to acknowledge the efforts, hard work and achievement of the young aspiring professional, we have a number of Scholarships and Awards for meritorious students.


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